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I have acquired numismatic expertise through decades of intense study and research. I have visited hundreds of coin shows and shops in the quest for knowledge. During my travels, I personally witnessed unsuspecting families selling valuable coins, gold and silver at a fraction of fair value.

Years ago, friends and family began asking me to evaluate their collections, often inherited from parents, and to help them sell their collections. What started as a trickle became an avalanche, so I converted my passionate hobby into a full-time business, Grand Rapids Coins.

You can expect fair value when you sell your coins and currency through Grand Rapids Coins. My clients expect nothing less.

In addition to advising collectors and coin and precious metals investors, I help them find special coins to add to their collections and portfolios. If you’re looking for a special coin, visit Grand Rapids Coins first—I may already have it, or I can help you find it.

Check out the extensive inventory on this website. Honesty, expertise, and convenience extend online from Grand Rapids Coins to your coin and currency purchases.

Also, I enjoy speaking with community groups throughout West Michigan about coin collecting, how to avoid being ripped off, and what to consider in selling collections. Easily reach me at Grand Rapids Coins if you’d like me to talk with your group.

I stake my reputation for honesty and integrity on my ability to offer you the very best deal.

Call Grand Rapids Coins, or email [email protected]


Ben Soldaat

Grand Rapids Coins

Member: BBB, ANA, PCGS, NGC, CAC, Central States Numismatics Society


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