As with any hobby, any good coin collector wants to find other people who share his passion and are willing to participate in exploring it with him. There are many groups, local, state, national, and international, dedicated to bringing coin collectors together, but another way to make this goal happen is to convert the people around you to your hobby.


Who should you start with? Well, cross off the people you know have no interest in collecting, paying attention to value and detail, or exploring history. Those are prerequisites for this hobby. To quote a famous book, “Cast not your pearls before swine.” Instead, look around your circle of acquaintance for like-minded souls, and, if they are few and far between, look younger. While you may have coworkers or friends with similar interest, people get set in their ways as they age. The great thing about younger people is that they have so much world to be introduced to, and they are still excited about that introduction. So if you have kids or nieces and nephews, they may the ideal audience to share your coins with.

Once you have someone in mind to open up to, what strategies should you take to get them interested in coins? Here are several you could try:

If the first person you share your coin collecting hobby with doesn’t show any interest, don’t lose hope. The world is full of people and coin collectors. Keep your eyes open for people in your life who might be receptive, and sooner or later, with patience and the help of these tips, you may find a kindred spirit in your coin collecting passion.