Choosing the Right Storage to Protect Coin Values


When collecting rare coins, you should consider several factors when deciding where and how to store them.  Proper storage will preserve the condition and appearance of the coins and, therefore, maximize value.  Here is a list of helpful hints about what to consider when storing your coin collection.

  • The coin’s container is critical to long-term storage.  Avoid soft plastic PVC holders and other soft plastic packages.  Over time, PVC will damage the coin’s surface and destroy its potential value.  Coins should be stored in hard plastic mylar flips, in coin books such as Dansco albums or in hard plastic coin roll containers.  Cardboard/plastic flips requiring staples are acceptable for coin storage, assuming the staples are properly clamped.  Improperly stapled flips can easily scratch other coins.
  • Avoid other containers that might allow chemical reactions over long periods of time.  Any box or can that might rust or decay over time is not a good container to store coins.  A rusting can will eventually damage the contents.  Avoid soft plastic bags such as baggies… over time, these will also damage coins. Again, consider using hard plastic containers specifically designed for long-term coin storage.
  • A climate-controlled environment is critically important to long-term storage. Coins should be stored in locations which are not subject to large temperature variations or humidity changes.  Attics and basements are possibly the worst imaginable environments.  Keep coins in safes, safe boxes, or at a minimum, in main floor locations with consistent temperatures. 
  • More valuable coins should be stored in hard plastic containers such as TPG (Third Party Grading Service) holders or modern hard plastic holders designed specifically for coins.  Even holdered coins should be stored in a properly climate controlled environment. 
  • Avoid storing coins in containers with other items which might cause unattractive toning.  Similar to the way silverware darkens when stored, silver coins will also react to environmental gas emissions from variety of common household items.   Even coins stored in appropriate holders  may “tone” over time due to gas emissions from such things as cardboard boxes, fabrics, or paints. 

Whether your coin collection consists of one rare coin or a whole safe full, the method you choose for storage requires thought and care.   It is also wise to physically examine your coins’ appearance to be certain they remain in pristine condition.

If you have questions about storing your collection or preserving coin values, contact us at Mullen Coins.

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