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Grand Rapids Coins (formerly Mullen Coins) is in business to help you realize a fair value when you buy and sell your coins and currency. Many of our customers first ask us to evaluate their collections. There is no charge for an evaluation.

Located in West Michigan, we BUY US coins, World coins, US currency, full collections, bullion coins, and Mint and Proof sets. We also buy gold and silver jewelry, other sterling, and antique collectibles.

If you’re a collector, be sure to check out our substantial inventory on this website—we sell to customers throughout the nation. We also sell rare coins, bullion and currency locally, and will help with your wish list searches.

We have two locations in the Grand Rapids area. Grand Rapids Coins’ offices are conveniently located in Rockford and Grandville, Michigan. Call Ben Soldaat for an appointment at (616) 884-5048  or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to serve you.

Member: ANA, MSNS, CSNS, and FUN. Certified dealer with PCGS, NGC, and CAC.  

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28 February 2023
Previously we have discussed buying gold as part of your investment portfolio. Today we will talk about the benefits of buying platinum as an investment and how to purchase it. All precious metals have their advantages and disadvantages, but platinum is underrated as a precious metal - or at least o...
31 January 2023
Should you buy gold as an investment? This is a perennial question, but especially relevant when the economy looks less stable and times begin to look more…interesting. At Grand Rapids Coins we advise our clients to invest in gold and other precious metals as part of their investment portfolio. Why ...
30 December 2022
One of the questions coin dealers are frequently asked is: “How do you tell if a coin is real?” Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people who will take advantage of inexperienced coin collectors, and counterfeiting is a real problem in this industry. In this blog we will give you some tips f...
29 November 2022
New coin collectors have many questions when it comes to their coins. This is natural. Whether people collect coins as an investment strategy, because they enjoy the hunt for rare mintages, or because they are true numismatists at heart, they want to be able to find the coins they desire and care fo...
26 October 2022
Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver are so well known, so infamous in history, that it’s a euphemism for betrayal in Western culture. Have you ever wondered what those 30 pieces of silver were exactly - or how much they were worth? Scholars have debated these questions for years. Let’s go through s...

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