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Beautiful Near GEM 1928A $10 FRN - FR 2001-G - PMG 64EPQ!!

1928A $10 Federal Reserve Note - FR 2001-G - PMG 64EPQ
1928A $10 Federal Reserve Note - FR 2001-G - PMG 64EPQ1928A $10 Federal Reserve Note - FR 2001-G - PMG 64EPQ

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The second of four notes being listed today from a minor hoard of 1928A $10 Federal Reserve Notes.   Beautiful near GEM graded 64EPQ by PMG.   One of a group I acquired and submitted to PMG. 

Like coin grading, currency is valued by its date and mintage, rarity, and condition. The currency grading system assigns grades (Poor 1- Perfect New 70), based on the note’s condition. Some factors are easily determined (e.g. number of folds, centering of the images and broadness of margins). Others require years of experience in assignment of the grade: corner bends, pinholes, handling marks, smudges, ink marks, stains, tears and splits. Is the banknote truly in its original condition? If so, paper waves and a slight raise in the ink due to embossing should be evident.

To get a grip on the history of US currency, check out these two sites: (US Currency Education Program) and

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