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Coin collectors come from all walks of life, but one thing nearly all have in common is that they love the hunt. With some knowledge of coin collecting and coin values in their pocket, experienced collectors enjoy searching for “great coin collection finds” anywhere coins can be found – estate sales, garage sales, antique stores and flea markets. Many also attend local auctions, coin shows and coin shops.  Most collectors have found treasures in such venues, and knowledgeable collectors have likely also found valuable errors and varieties.

Coin shows are fun because you can visit a good number of dealers on the same day.  You may have a first-hand opportunity to see a whole variety of coins. Because many dealers specialize in a certain type of coinage, you may find an expert on your particular interest. If you are a treasure hunter, you may find a dealer with coins of particular interest to you, but who lacks the specialized knowledge for that series.  Your expertise can lead to “cherry picking” valuable coins.

Larger coin shows offer the collector a world of collecting opportunities and a vacation at the same time.   A few months ago Katherine wrote about her perspective on the F.U.N. show in Orlando, Florida in January, in which she noted that many collectors combined a vacation with a great coin show. Why not plan your vacation around a major show? Contact Mullen Coins for information about national shows if you plan to include them in your adventures.

Local shows can also be great fun.  If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, check out the monthly coin show at the Neil Fonger American Legion Post in Walker (often referred to as the Grand Rapids show or Grandville show).  Regional dealers bring their inventory for review and acquisition by a regular group of West Michigan collectors.  Such shows are a great place to talk with Grand Rapids coin dealers and fellow coin enthusiasts, and to see what’s going on with the hobby and with coin values.

The Grand Rapids Coin Club hosts two shows annually—spring and fall. These events also include opportunities for young numismatists. Regardless of what type of show it is, you can cover more territory at a show in one day than by visiting individual coin shops, hence increasing the odds of finding your “treasure.”

The Walker coin shows are held at the Neil Fonger American Legion post 179 at 2327 Wilson Ave. S.W., Walker, Michigan. They normally occur the second Saturday of every month, but be sure to check a reliable calendar such as Numismaster’s or Michigan Coin Clubs’ calendar. The calendars also publicize shows all over Michigan and beyond.

Mullen Coins plans to have a booth at several upcoming shows, and would love to find out what you’re looking for, and to get your thoughts on the show!

*If you’re in Chicago on August 13, be sure to visit us at the World’s Fair of Money (Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.). The show runs August 13-17, 2013, www.worldsfairofmoney.com.

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