Mullen Coins Is Now Grand Rapids Coins


Name Change: Mullen Coins Is Now Grand Rapids Coins 

Our longtime customers may have noticed that our name has changed on social media. Mullen Coins is now Grand Rapids Coins, a name we believe reflects our relationship to the market we primarily serve in West Michigan. We also are excited to announce that Ben Soldaat has joined our team as an associate. Ben and Pat Mullen have known each other for many years, have had countless discussions about coins, and have been involved together in the coin market for over a decade.

Grand Rapids Coins Welcomes Ben Soldaat 

There has been a great deal of growth in the coin market in West Michigan in the past few years. In particular, more members of older generations of collectors are passing on their coins to their children as they downsize their possessions or in their wills. Many people inherit coins and do not know what they are worth or what they should do with these collections. The collections must be assessed before they can make the best choices. 

Given this increased demand, we invited Ben to help us handle the volume so that our customers will continue to have all their coin needs met, whether that is evaluating personal collections or buying and selling coins. Ben and Pat have a shared mutual philosophy when it comes to the field of coin collecting, so he is a natural fit for our business. 

Ben Soldaat has been a collector for many years. He began collecting as a child and over the past 15 years has become even more passionate and interested in this hobby. One of his goals as a coin collector is to introduce his hobby to younger generations. He is a lifelong resident of West Michigan and is excited to meet more coin collectors in this area and farther abroad.

In terms of his coin interests, Ben has been involved with the Barber Coin Collectors’ Society and believes that Barber Coins are an undervalued investment opportunity. His favorite coin series is the Barber halves series, but he’s interested in Barber dimes, halves, and quarters and also Seated Liberty dollars. He would, of course, love to find a 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar someday, but he would gladly settle for finding an 1892-O Barber half dollar (Micro O variety). 

Our name has changed but our comprehensive coin knowledge and our commitment to fair value have not. Whether you are a regular West Michigan customer or new Grand Rapids Coins customer from farther away, we promise that you can expect the same quality of service we have always given our clients. If you have a coin question or a collection you would like evaluated, please contact us today. 

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