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1807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG03

1807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG03
1807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG031807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG031807 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS AG03

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Totally original and heavily circulated - 1807 Draped Bust Quarter graded AG03 by PCGS - Hard to find such coins without problems and this is a nice and affordable type example. 

The first quarter, the 1796 Draped Bust with Small Eagle reverse, was a one-year series, and had a mintage of only 6,146. No further designs were minted until the appearance of the Draped Bust with a Heraldic Eagle reverse 1804-1807. Both types are rare, collectible, and expensive in MS condition.

Another break in Quarter production ensued until 1815 when the Capped Bust style was introduced, and minted off and on until 1838. From 1838-1891, Christian Gobrecht’s Seated Liberty reigned. Following the Seated Liberty in 1892 was the Liberty Head quarter (aka the Barber, after its designer). Quarter collectors will note that small design and metal content changes were made during this time.

In 1916 the Standing Liberty was introduced, and continuously produced (with the exception of 1922) until 1930.
The commonly recognized Washington Quarter was introduced in 1932, and produced since then, except for 1933 and 1975. Prior to 1964, the quarter consisted of 90% silver. Beginning in 1971 all but the Silver Proofs were clad coins void of any silver content.

Year 1976 brought the Bicentennial Quarter; the very popular and easily collected Statehood Quarters were launched in 1999, at a rate of five per year. These were followed by those of the 5 territories and the District of Columbia, then the National Parks Quarters, which will be minted until 2021.

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