LOT: (3 Coins) US Peace 90% Silver Dollar Collection – 1927-P, 1935-P, 1935-S


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This is a lot of three US Peace 90% Silver Dollar coins, including a 1927-P, 1935-P, and 1935-S. These coins are perfect for any collector or investor interested in adding to their collection. Each coin is made of silver with a fineness of 0.9 and was struck as a business strike in Philadelphia and San Francisco. The coins are ungraded and uncertified, making them a great addition to any collection. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to own a piece of history.

The coins you’ll receive will look SIMILAR to the ones in the photos. The photos are STOCK. All of the coins have been cleaned and show toning. Rest assured, your coins will all have readable dates and mint marks, and will be in good-to-fine condition.
Great way to nail-down three tougher dates of the Peace Dollar series.
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