Grand Rapids Coin Dealer Buys Coin and Jewelry Collections from all 50 states

Mullen Coins helps sellers receive a fair value for their coins, bullion, antiquities, and jewelry. Our customers also find what they’re looking for at competitive market prices. Contact us today, [hot link].

What We Buy:

  • U.S. coins

  • Gold/silver/platinum bullion coins and bars

  • Moderns

  • Selected antiquities

  • Gold and silver jewelry.


Our commitment to sellers: Our experience suggests many sellers of coin collections, gold and silver bullion coins, and gold and silver jewelry are selling family collections and accumulations, often inherited from parents. We are committed to assuring that you receive fair market value for your treasures.


Our commitment to buyers and collectors: Whether online or through personal appointment, Mullen Coins helps buyers find what they’re looking for at competitive market prices. We maintain a significant inventory with a special focus on U.S. coins and currency. Our hope is that you will find fresh, attractive rare coins every time you visit us. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll utilize our nationwide network of dealers to help find that special coin. The rarer the coin, the tougher the search, but the more rewarding the acquisition when found. The majority of our coins are PCGS and NGC graded coins. Mullen Coins also offers bulk gold and silver coins and bullion for the investor. Contact us [hot link]

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