selling your silver and gold jewelry

What to Know When Selling Gold and Silver Jewelry

Unlocking value from personal accumulations of gold and silver jewelry is easy to do… if you are armed with the facts, and deal with a reputable gold/silver buyer.

selling your coins

Selling your coins – What are they worth?

What are my coins worth? is the most common first question we get from customers who have inherited coin collections and accumulations from parents or other relatives. They are not collectors […]
Helen Farquhar and the British Museum

Helen Farquhar, Touch Pieces, and Women in Numismatics

Coin collecting has long been viewed as a predominantly male hobby. However, throughout history there have been many women who made significant contributions to numismatics, helping to reshape the field. […]
Grand Rapids Coins has a new website

Grand Rapids Coins Has a New Website!

Welcome to our new online experience! Grand Rapids Coins is pleased to share the launch of our redesigned website, a space we created with our customers’ user experience in mind. […]
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