The nickel, introduced in 1866, may be distinguished from the half dime by its metal content (nickel vs silver). Several designs have graced our pockets since their introduction, notably the Shield (1866-1883), Liberty Head, Buffalo, and Jefferson nickels. To learn more about Nickels you can find more information below our products listed.

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Notable design variations include the Shield with Rays and the Without Rays. Liberty Head nickels were minted from 1883-1912, changing from the “No Cents” type to “With Cents” during that period.

The Buffalo nickel reigned from 1913 to 1938, and notable rarities exist in this group. For example, the 3-Legged Buffalo is a favorite; there are other fascinating rare varieties and errors. Buffalos vary widely in the strength of the strike—strong strikes are worth considerably more than the weak.

The same can be said of the Jefferson nickel—strong strikes with full steps on the Monticello are worth more than the prolific weak strikes. Most dates are available for collectors in all price brackets.

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