Christmas Gift from Dad


Would you love to own a treasure chest? Filled with coins and other treasures?

For Christmas, two of my Grand Rapids clients displayed a true creative streak! They gifted each of their four adult children with a full treasure chest–loaded with his divided coin collection and other little beads and chocolate gold coins. You could pull this idea off for Valentine’s Day or other celebration.

Everyone has a slightly different plan (hopefully there is a plan!) for disposing of collectibles. This was my client’s way of passing on his lifelong coin collection.

They first brought his collection to me, asking that I help them divide it into four approximately equal parts.   He wanted the four parts to be representative of the types of coins he collected, and approximately of similar total value.  His collection was a nice accumulation of proof sets, beginning with the 1950s, silver dollars, gold coins and other various type coins.  We all understood that these values will undoubtedly change over time, not always equally.

Once they were separated into four lots, my clients “packaged” the coins in four treasure chests (see picture), and dressed them up with beads and chocolate gold coins to make them look like a pirate’s hidden treasure.   On Christmas Day, determined by a random draw, each of the four children received a wonderful (and valuable) treasure from Mom and Dad.

If you plan to pass along a collection to heirs, and think your heirs would enjoy the gift of a treasure chest, as a Grand Rapids coin dealer, I will be glad to help in dividing your collection.

Have a wonderful year 2015!

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