1 oz Platinum Bar- Random

1 oz platinum bar

Various Mints

Various Designs


Quantity Cash Discount
1-9 0
10-100 5

Possibly the most undervalued precious metal, platinum remains a top buy for the savvy investor.  As gold and silver prices rise, platinum has flown under the radar for investors and collectors alike.  Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth.  There are several platinum mines throughout the world with 77% of the worlds platinum found in South Africa’s  Bushveld complex.   Platinum is one of the the least reactive metals, thus being corrosive resistant when exposed to some of the harshest conditions.  Uses for platinum include catalytic converters and electrical components.  Promising research in cancer treatments using platinum compounds may one day have a place in chemotherapy and the cure for cancer

When buying a 1 oz platinum bar from Grand Rapids Coins, you will receive 1 troy ounce of .9995 platinum.  Obverse and reverse designs vary as well as the mint that these bars were produced.  Please note we do not guarantee any one design for any one specific order.

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