Why You Should Invest in Platinum Coins and Bars


At Grand Rapids Coins we love coins. We love helping people collect coins with numismatic value, and we also enjoy finding investment coins for our clients. In this business, much of the focus is on rare coins or gold or silver coins and bullion. However, we are also excited about platinum coins as an investment opportunity. Why platinum coins? Keep reading to learn why you may want to invest in platinum now. 

Platinum, a Rare Earth Metal 

Precious metal investors are drawn to platinum coins as well as platinum bars because platinum is a very rare substance. This silver-white metal, found deeper in the earth’s crust, is much rarer than gold or silver. It’s usually in short supply because the demand for this metal is high and only a few tons of platinum are mined every year. 

There is a high industry demand for platinum because it’s unreactive, resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, malleable, ductile. It also has high heat resistance. These qualities make it useful for making catalytic converters, pacemakers, magnets, and electrical contacts. As a fine jewelry material, platinum is strong and beautiful. 

Benefits of Platinum as an Investment 

Because of its rarity and value, platinum is a great investment opportunity. The price of platinum has fluctuated more than gold or silver, which means that it’s easier to purchase at a lower price and then wait and watch your investment grow in value. Many automotive manufacturers currently use palladium in their catalytic converters which is driving the price of palladium up and availability down. The shortage of palladium is pushing them back to platinum as an industrial metal choice. As this shift happens, the value of platinum is poised to rise. 

Available Platinum Coins

Platinum coins are new to the scene, only being minted as bullion since the late 1980s. In 1988 both Canada and Australia released their investment coins, the Platinum Maple Leaf and the Platinum Koala. The U.S. Treasury finally followed suit in 1997 with the Platinum American Eagle which is .9995 pure platinum. This coin features Lady Liberty on the obverse and a bald eagle with its wings extended on the reverse. It’s considered legal tender.

American, Canadian, and Australian platinum coins are all beautiful, but collectors should treat them with care. Since platinum is a soft metal, it scratches more easily than gold. Platinum coins should always be kept in coin cases for their protection. 

Because platinum is beautiful, rare, and in demand, we believe that platinum coins and bullion are an excellent investment choice. If you would like more information about acquiring platinum for your investment portfolio or for your coin collection, please contact us today. We would be happy to talk over the various options with you. 

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